Le Chef Ladies' Stretch Trousers

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Our new slim leg trousers with stretch allows the wearer to look good in fashion forward trousers, that have taken none of the comfort out. With lycra stretch built into the fabric, it has allowed the trousers to fit to the leg, while giving the wearer all the movement the kitchen needs. Think Yoga pants for the kitchen! An elasticated waist makes them easy to get on, while they also feature two functioning back pockets, and a side notebook pocket.

These trousers use a 350gsm fabric to make sure you are super safe and protected in the kitchen.

Limited edition - don't miss it!

Our laundry friendly trousers come with a visible colour tag to help identify sizes and speed up the sorting process. These are placed on the back pocket and come in the following colours: XXS – Black Tag, XS – Green Tag, S- Blue Tag, M – Red Tag, L – Orange Tag, XL to 5XL – Black Tag.

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