Add a Pocket for DP100/200 Aprons

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Please note that this product is for a pocket only. Apron sold separately.

You can create your own dual coloured aprons by adding one of these pockets to a DP100 waist apron or DP200 bib apron.

To order one of these aprons:

1. Add a DP100 or DP200 of your colour choice to your basket

2. Select your pocket colour in the drop down menu on this product and add to your basket

The apron pocket will be attached to the apron to create a dual coloured apron.

For example a Griffin bib apron with a navy pocket would mean adding a DP200 Griffin & a PKT Navy to your basket.

  • Stand out with clashing colours
  • Complement our apron with a darker tone pocket
  • Create bespoke aprons with your company colours
  • Create matching garments for front of house and housekeeping.

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