Our Manufacturing Partners


We work closely with 3 factories that all having excellent technical fabrics knowledge in their owners' hands. This is still the overriding need of our work garments.

We have worked for over 20 years with one family-run factory and we now have two more factories which are family owned and who produce an ever-growing range of our style needs.

Working in partnership

Our long term partners are a family textile business which  developed from father to brother to son, and he continues to build and develop the business.

Unlike many areas of the world, during Covid, they never stopped production and were also able to help us through that difficult period. Thanks to our business partnership and the introduction of new lines they are now in new larger premises.

The factory specialises in the production of clothing for our market-leading brand, Le Chef, along with many of the 600 styles of apron we stock. New production areas of polo and T-shirts along with tailoring have also expanded their production greatly.

100% recycled polyester fabric

With our partners, we pioneered the production of 100% recycled polyester fabric more than 6 years ago which we use to make one of our leading apron ranges, in 3 styles and 30 different colours - all stocked in London.


In the factory owner’s own words: 

At our factory, we believe in equal opportunity irrespective of the gender or religion. We assess each worker on merit and employ many women. Therefore, we provide pick up and drop off service from their doorstep to the factory, so that their families are more comfortable with the idea of them going to work. We have hired 2 HR Officers, whose main responsibility is to keep in touch with our workforce and provide guidance and feedback. We are also providing maternity leave to women who are with us for more than a year. This is unconditional. Last, but not least we are also providing a free lunch to all staff."

Once again, following our original factory's example, our second factory has just opened a second premises where our production is being centred. With 25 years of production behind them, they have all the skills and accreditation we need.

Our third factory has an owner whose other business is fabric production and a dyeing business - a skill we greatly appreciate - and they now specialise in all our pure cotton workwear garments.

Reduced mileage

We manufacture in the same country the cotton is grown in, which reduces production miles for our components. We design and manufacture all our fabrics in the country along with dyeing formulas to ensure we produce the best material for the best brands of hospitality clothing - our brands!!!