Sustainable Workwear

Sustainability requires products that are ethically produced and durable.

For over 30 years, Dennys Brands fabrics and garments have proven their durability. Quality is fundamental to our products and we desire a more ethical world for all.


Our approach to sustainability can be summed up in these four categories:


    Public awareness about loss of biodiversity and plastics in our oceans has never been higher. We work with our trusted manufacturers to seek sustainable methods of producing our garments right through the manufacturing cycle from farmer to finished garment. We have reduced the amount of water used to grow crops, avoid soil erosion, reduce waste from the dyeing process, source environmentally-friendly fastenings and develop market-leading fabrics using recycled materials. Sustainability is key to everything we do.


    We design fabrics that work.
    We work hard to develop and design fabrics and garments that work with your professional needs in mind. We speak to our loyal customers and take their advice. We never forget that you are the ones we can learn from.
    In the disposable world of fast fashion, we buck the trend and develop sustainable clothes that last!


    Wearing a garment that has been thoughtfully produced and manufactured in factories which offer equal opportunities and are socially responsible employers filters through to the life of the finished garment. Prudent customers look at PRICE PER WEAR. Garments which last longer and wash well contribute to our sustainability and lack of waste in the world.


    We have excellent relationships with our overseas and UK manufacturers. We know exactly where and how each of our garments are being made, and that every item is made via our list of approved suppliers. We audit our factories and are proud of the groundbreaking measures they are taking to maintain high standards of staff welfare. Their working conditions and equal opportunities exceed local requirements and many beneficial initiatives have been introduced.
    People are core to our business. Equal Opportunities and excellent working conditions are key.


The Dennys London,Le Chefand AFD names are well known and respected in the hospitality industry, we have been around for a long time, so we know how to get it right!


100% Recycled polyester fabric

Made entirely of plastic bottles, our 100% recycled polyester garments are environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured. Our eco-friendly fabric is made via a process of spinning recycled plastic bottles (PET plastic waste) into yarn. This process not only reduces the amount of energy used and co2 emissions but "redirects plastic waste from landfill."

We currently have over 18 product ranges in 100% recycled polyester.

Each plastic bottle is subtly different which may mean an occasional difference in shade. This is a positive indication of a recycled garment and is one step towards helping our environment.

The fabric is easy care, easy wash, long lasting and comes in a wide range of vibrant colours and classic styles. 

Recycled aprons

We love our new label, it just sums it all up!

Plastic bottle label


Originals Range – Eco friendly 

A heritage range of garments that are cut and made in undyed fabric. The garment is then dyed to the required colour. Dyes and specialist washing are only done on the made garment, saving the unnecessary use of dyes on the unused fabric. It is a very ecofriendly method of garment production, "preventing the unnecessary dyeing of 15% to 25% of fabric." The undyed/unused fabric requires less processing to return it into the recycling process - another benefit.

Colours that can cope!

We all love our colours and want that vibrancy to last and last. The robust nature of Hospitality throws everything at us to prevent this.

"We use best quality dyes that can stand up to multiple washes" and repel those pesky bleaches.


Our fabrics are ‘kind fabrics’ 

We are proud that since 2008, all our fabric manufacturing has achieved the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This standard evaluates and screens for any harmful substance present within processed textiles that will come into contact with consumers.

One of our major manufacturers is in the process of obtaining GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)  and GRS (Global Recycling Standard)  certification. A major achievement which shows the commitment we all have  to a greener future. 


From farm to fabric, OUR COTTON IS GOOD!

We are proud that 90% of our cotton comes from well-managed cotton-producing farms that are registered to the Better Cotton Initiative. They are assessed twice a year to strict standards.


Eco Packaging

Everything from labels, packaging, cartons, shipments - to office stationery is environmentally friendly. Reduce, reuse and recycle is our motto.