Corporate Social Responsibility

Dennys Brands Corporate Social Responsibility

Dennys Brands is committed as a business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

We are accredited with Quality Management System ISO9001 and, as Royal Warrant Holders, are continually reviewing our systems and procedures to ensure that we act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner across all of our business activities.

This includes review of our operations - locally and globally for:

  • Environmental impacts – energy, material, transport emissions
  • Social impacts - labour standards, human rights, community support
  • Raw materials – responsible sourcing and traceability
  • Carbon footprint – energy, renewable energy, waste
  • Water consumption & quality
  • Employees – welfare, training, equal opportunities, ethical policy, health & safety
  • Suppliers – We have established criteria for approved suppliers with regular reviews and quality audits. All factories to have minimum Oekotex / ISO9001 in place.

Dennys Brands is keen to improve our Corporate Social Responsibility and this statement and its values will be reviewed on a regular basis. We encourage new ideas from employees on areas where we may be able to improve.


Managing Director
Date: 20th January 2017

Copies of our policies on:

Approved Supplier Policy
Bribery & Corruption
CSR Statement
Environmental Policy
Equal Opportunities
Health & Safety
Modern Slavery
The Quality Policy
Sustainability – Environmental and Social Issues
are available on request.

Please contact us T: +44 (0)1372 869018 or E: for more information.

Dennys - Race For Life

Support Race for Life

The Clink Charity

The Clink Charity

How Does It Work?

Prisoners are given unique training opportunities and are placed into roles located within their prison across 4 sites in the UK. The skills they learn are varied and range from horticulture, to hospitality. These are then broken down into further roles across food preparation and serving paying customers, as an example. The skills taught are specifically chosen so that qualifications, such as NVQs can be gained which in turn make ex-offenders more desirable to employers outside of prison when they have served their sentence.

Where does Dennys Brands come in?

You may well ask! We manufacture and sponsor the embroidered uniforms needed to help make the unique training scheme safe and in turn give the participants a sense of discipline and team belonging.

The results? Reoffending rate is reduced by 49.6%

Once the prisoners have finished their training and sentence, The Clink helps place them in employment through an extensive reach of contacts. The ex-offenders are then mentored to ensure they adhere to the skills and values they have learnt throughout the programme. The results fed back to The Clink have been fantastic, with over 1,800 prisoners trained to date with a reduction in reoffending of 49.6% achieved too. Fewer criminal re-offenders means less cost to society and fewer future victims too.