Dennys Brands for clothing for hospitality and workwear

What we do

...or rather - what don’t we do is probably the best question...

Established in 1840, Dennys Brands has grown over the last 180 years. From a single shop in London’s Soho making and selling garments for the local restaurant and hotel trade, we now supply the hospitality industry worldwide. Our six well-known brands design and manufacture hard-wearing, hard-working, stylish, comfortable garments, shoes and knives for all areas of the hospitality trade. From front of house to back house, no star to 6 star – we partner you all the way. The way you look is our business.

We work with you

At Dennys we do not take a one size fits all approach to our supply and service. We work with you to ensure that you have the right products and service with styles and designs that work best for your business.

Most of our key accounts are managed by a team of three so there is always someone you can speak to.

  • Your Board level Account Director oversees the whole account and is on hand for regular reviews.
  • Your Account Manager manages new projects, uniform changes and solves any problems should they arise.
  • Your Sales Support is permanently assigned to deal with your account on a day to day basis. They are your first point of contact and are responsible for taking and administering orders; answering queries on stock availability, delivery lead times and any general product information.

We use a client relationship software so anyone on the team will be up to date with your account.

"Working with Dennys is a breath of fresh air. The best thing is that they have great ideas and deliver on time but also are there for you when new joiners start. They don’t do the typical ‘disappearing act’ when ongoing small numbers are involved."

Dennys Brands for clothing for hospitality and workwear

Bespoke, Sourcing & Design Service

The Joseph Alan five-star bespoke clothing service is ideal for all hospitality and service industries... hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, travel companies - and any company where the image portrayed by your staff really counts.

Our bespoke design service creates a range of unique garments to promote you, your brand and your corporate image. Combining traditional tailoring methods with innovative design and modern or traditional fabrics, we create elegant, professional garments that stand out. Not only this but all the ‘back room’ attention to detail you may need for a new launch including wearer trials, on-site measuring and distribution, including an option for individually man-packed uniforms for each team member.

Stock garments – personalised for you

Whilst we believe we have nearly every option covered in our range, inevitably our customers will want something we don’t have. What sets us apart from our industry rivals is our ability to provide a truly bespoke service. In the first instance, we will always try to source an existing product from the market place. This keeps costs and delays to a minimum, as well as reducing the time for replenishment orders. Failing this, we are able to alter or redesign an existing garment to get the perfect colour, style and corporate identity.

You say it, we create it

Stock Management

This is where Dennys Brands excels and our customers benefit. We know that you want your uniforms when you want them – not wait weeks or months for an order to arrive!

We hold around £1.5m of stock on shelf through 800 stock lines in our 10,000 sq. foot central warehouse in Leatherhead and our London site. We are currently picking an average of 40,000 parcels a year with stock levels regularly above 95%.

“We have tried other companies but always return to Dennys Brands as the stock levels and service is incredible.”

The buying team is led by our Managing Director; Nick Jubert, who has over 45 years’ experience in managing production and factories.

He manages a team which controls the entire supply chain.

Dennys Brands for clothing for hospitality and workwear

Dennys Brands for clothing for hospitality and workwear

Responsible Sourcing

Good cotton

We are proud that 90% of our cotton comes from well managed cotton producing farms that are registered to the Better Cotton Initiative.

100% Recycled Polyester

Introducing our most ethical garments yet. Made entirely of plastic bottles, our 100% recycled polyester garments are environmentally-friendly products which involve a process of spinning recycled plastic bottles (PET plastic waste) into yarn to create an eco-friendly fabric. This process not only reduces the amount of energy used and the co2 emissions, but also redirects plastic waste from landfills. 100% recycled polyester is a form of manufacture which is become more and more popular and Dennys has been able to introduce it to several garments.

Digital Ordering – Trade Login

As we sell a vast amount of our goods directly to small end users, our website is a vital route to market.

But, in addition to our online retail sales, we have an ever-increasing number of companies and distributors, large or small, who choose to order their stock or bespoke garments directly via a portal on the web through our “Trade Login” Access to this area is free of charge.

Dennys Brands for clothing for hospitality and workwear

Dennys Brands for clothing for hospitality and workwear

Make it your own

We can embroider, heat-seal, screen-print or tax tab any garment to your specification.

With our own in-house embroidery department, we offer a speedy turnaround on stock lines without the requirement for our customers to underwrite stock. This affords a superior quality of service and quality control on every order prior to despatch.

Doesn’t fit? We can perform simple alterations such as hemming and over-locking, allowing us to shorten trouser and sleeve lengths and add or remove pockets. We also have an alterations department in our Berners Street store for our London-based clients.