Innovations 2020

Innovations 2020


Our new Stretch Trousers are receiving rave reviews.

Our moisture-wicking lightweight fabrics are keeping the heat out of the kitchen.

Find out more below!

Stretch Trouser fabric

Men's Fit AFD Stretch Trouser

Ladies Fit AFD Stretch Trouser

A recent newcomer to our range is our stretch trouser fabric. This has been welcomed and loved by many. A tricky development to obtain a hardworking, long lasting, comfort-giving stretch trouser, but the fabulous feedback we have received says we did it! From our wear trials these are some of the comments:

“Good fitting and comfortable”

“Comfortable, good length, washes well and dries quickly.”

Directors and staff at our Head Office also trialled this fabric for many months in various styles, with wash and wearer tests. Only when we had just the right combination did we put them into production.

Lighter Fabrics

We developed lighter fabrics as well as keeping our tried and trusted ranges, adding our trademark moisture-wicking fabric in all the places you need it.

The fit is revolutionary, check it out from our table, showing our products alongside where you can find our moisture-wicking fabric! If you need any further guidance on what works best for you, please ask!

High performance breathable panels