The evolution of the apron

The evolution of the apron

The apron is a timeless classic with the earliest recorded use being in the 1300’s. It is defined as a garment worn at the front of the body for both decorative and protective purposes. These can be simple or complex, fashionable or vintage, but all come with the same purpose – to protect.

Here at Dennys Brands, we have taken the simplest of aprons and developed it over time to meet the needs and requirements of todays hospitality world. Our selection of over 700 aprons come in a wide range of styles, fabrics, colours and sizes and can be used for a variety of trades. From our classic bib and waist aprons for front of house, chefs and gardeners, our waterproof and disposable selection for butchers, and the highly loved cross-back aprons for easing strain on long shifts. Every apron has been extensively thought about and tested within a variety of trades to provide our customers with a long-lasting cost-effective product.

2019 saw us progress our range even further to include a leather apron and our originals aprons range. Our originals aprons consist of three different designs in 4 colours - a bib apron, a waist apron and a shift apron. They have been designed to allow Dennys to step back in time to produce a well-loved product which is the perfect addition for front of house uniforms. Alongside this, our new in 100% natural leather apron is an ideal addition for trades such as floristry as it provides sturdy pockets and pouches for holding equipment, lose change and devices.

We also proud to introduce our range of 100% recycled polyester aprons (DP100, DP110, DP200, DP210) in both bib and waist apron styles, with and without pockets in a wide range of stylish colours. This range is made entirely of plastic bottles, making them an environmentally friendly and sustainably manufactured product. 

It’s not always easy to decipher what you need but talk to us and we can provide guidance in to choosing which apron is right for you.

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